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Bachelor Parties

Atlantic City is a tremendously popular place to have a bachelor party. There aren't too many other places where you'll find gambling, the beach, golf, great dining and a wild nightlife all in the same area...more

Atlantic City's Bag Day Tradition

Atlantic City has its own set of St. Pattyís Day traditions that you wonít find anywhere else. One such tradition is the beloved Bag Day.

For the uninitiated (and un-bagged) Bag Day is when hundreds of people gather at the Irish Pub (164 Saint James Pl. 609- 344-9063) the morning after St, Patrickís Day to wear a brown paper bag on their head...and drink like nuts.

Some come in just a plain bag, but real Bag Day veterans come with ornately designed bags and then make sure they donít have to go to work for at least two days.

How BAG DAY Got itís Start

Bag day started in 1984, when two Resorts cocktail waitresses (Lynn & Chrissy) came into the Irish Pub following their grave shift to meet up with the bartender, John (who, by the way, continues to pour drinks there since he started in 1980!)

After dealing with drunk gamblers all night working at the casino, the women walked into the bar and said, "now it's OUR turn to get bagged..." That's when another bartender by the name of Bob gave them each a brown paper bag, which they then placed over their heads. Oddly enough, as more patrons filed into the bar, more brown bags were handed out. By now the bar was  50-percent full of bag-wearing customers and as more people entered, the crowd would begin chanting: "Bag 'em, Bag 'em, Bag 'em!" And so it was that Bag Day began.

Now, anyone planning on attending Bag Day should know that Bag Day does not officially start until 9am the day after St. Patrick's Day, when John's shift is over. Anyone who wants a bag must be sober too.

For one, because everyone must start off on an even keel; second, because if you've been drinking from St. patty's day to the next morning, you're already bagged!

Top ten reasons for Bag Day

10. Everyone can be Irish, no matter WHAT you look like.
9. Don't have to see who you just made out with in the bathroom stall/parking lot.
8. preventative measure for drunken brawls
7. hilarious to watch when a drunken brawl inevitably DOES break out
6. one whole day of drinking just isn't enough...
5. people wear bags on their heads because they're hiding from their spouse/boss/bill collector...fill in your own answer
4. nothing else to do...
3. lots of hyperventilating going on
2. there's always some jerk who tries to light a cigarette and sets himself on fire
1. Why not?


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